Sunday, October 20, 2013

Stepping up to the plate for yourself

                                                Stepping up to the plate for yourself 

Feelings are a crazy thing because if you let them they can rule your life. What we all need to do is keep these feelings in check. But what may be checked to me may not be checked for you. When I say checked I mean controlled so you can function. You can’t change the way people act, you can only change how you react.
Sometimes you feel people do you wrong or have bad intentions.
I am trying to write what comes from the heart what I am meant to write where is all begins. I feel I am here to help to express and to lend a helping healing hand to all that  need it. It flows from within, this feeling. I am here to lead the horses to the water and help them to take a sip, ponder and have a thirst for more.
I have grown from my life experiences and feel people in general take advantage of others if you  let them. If you are on a path of enlighmnet and growing and striving to be better you will meet these people along the way.  You will notice their traits and the traits in yourself. Try not to take these peoples actions to heart for they don’t know any better and they are leading with their egos. These people are hurtful because they are hurting inside. You may feel they disrespect you but they are really disrespecting themselves. They are lashing out to anyone in their path that will let them so you in return treat them with disrespect. Let them go and wish them well because they do not know any better
I know this can be a difficult task because you may miss the relationship if you are close with them but what other choice do you have. Lead with an open heart and let go of all the hatred in side. Start with your driving,  get rid of the rage, or the person taking up the line at the register, maybe a friend who really does not act like a friend anymore.
Start somewhere and learn your lesson and move on. As painful as it may seem with a friend, if they are your true friend they will be back. If they don’t respect themselves they are not going to respect you. Watch out for the users, drop then at the waste side. Love yourself first. You can’t open up and be true to another until you can be true to yourself. Spend time alone if needed, reflect and go inside. Be a good person, good gets good ever time. Treat other's  the way you would like to be treated. Love with your heart not your ego.


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