Monday, March 4, 2013

Broken wings and living loses

     Sometimes you just feel lost, swirling around in the universe, not grounded..... I have a candle I  keep on my desk where I write, Its an angle holding a teacup candle. She has two wings, one broke off , I was going to throw it out and realize that she is beautiful just the way she is. She inspires me, she makes me realize how broken we can feel as people but that if we look past that we can stand strong. I keep her broken wing in the tea cup and when I light it I take it out.Today I found her wing merged and molded into  the wax, it must have fell in. I lit the candle, let it melt and a melting minute later there was her wing still intact .

     This I feel is a sign of how broken we are at times , how sad the route of our lives take us sometimes and our struggles to get back. We live through loss of  loved ones, the ones on their way to heaven and the ones still here on earth. Friendships severed because of  stubborn egos involved. Friendship that just don't work anymore.
You are left feeling lost, broken , what did I do wrong, pain, sorrow for loved lost but still living.

     The difference is the ones still here exist and you can still work through it. You just need to let it go, basically give it up to God. It can be a lesson that you learning but no matter how hard you study you just feel you get it. You need to let go of the pain and rethink was it something
I said?  IF you were giving 100% of your love and it was rejected then its not you, It's them and you need to let it go.
     I have been through this before in my life and I am learning as I go along. Someone very close to me now is learning this. It breaks my heart to see her like this, she is sad and feel's  lonely. She is wise and knows she did nothing wrong, gave of her love 100% and her feelings. She  she is basically being rejected and  the other person is just dismissing her. Wow sounds painful right?

     Well I feel this came be a stepping stone for her and others in the same position.  You live, you love, you lose, you gain Whatever the path your friend or lover has gone and for whatever reasons unknown,  opens a new one for you. Ever hear the saying " If you love someone set them free", well you know it is kind of true. That part at least. People can be  rude cold and very defensive when going through their things . This does not mean you have to take part in it .
     Always lead with love but when its rejected,  still send love but learn to let it go. If it was meant to be, they will be meant to be. Your letting go helps you for letting go and for them to sort it out and work on themselves. You cant get caught up in their STUFF. If you ever feel rejected, unwanted then its time to go.

Doing this will open Doors and a path for all......

Peace and Love