Thursday, August 22, 2013

Mia is you and I and everyone else

I decided to create Mia as a person that writes and stands for all of us. She is the voice for our ideas, complaints, cries , joys, hopes and wishes. She motivates us, she is not afraid to speak up but does not want to hurt anyone's feelings.  When she writes it may be my voice or the girl next door, your co worker or the cashier in the supermarket, she could be anyone.  Maybe she is someone you know, maybe not. Maybe you will think she is referring to you which means you need to take a second glance to see why, is she getting under your skin? Maybe it is something you have to look at in yourself.
I decided to come up with her because it gives me an avenue to help others and myself and vent the voice of us all. She is the voice for Vent of a Woman. Please feel free to comment and add to the conversation.
We are all on the same path, we are just taking different routes to get there. Lets help each other out.
When you're down and out try  reaching out to another and helping them. In helping others you help your self. Lets get started, enjoy the journey......


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