Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The glance

You looked at me and held my glace if it was only for a moment it lasted for eternity. With depth and uninhibited rawness which stays forever in my mind.
You looked into my eyes and held my glance, I knew it was for a moment, but for that one moment you loved me.  I shyly look away confused and question your motive and you said nothing, no words no motions. You just stayed and lingered gazing my soul my being.
You loved me for the moment even if it was a moment; you loved me right then, right there. I felt your soul, you feelings and all that I cared for you had mirrored back to me.

I thought of what could have been and what we really had.  Sad as it was, we had nothing but for that one moment we had it all. This glance stays forever sketched in my mind and maybe best how I remember you, for in that moment was a glimpse of your soul and what you truly are but cannot  seem to bring yourself to  be.

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