Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Its Today, just stay with it for a moment!

     For Today I would like you to stay with today and work through what is bothering you instead of rushing to the next day. Sometimes we just want to forget because it is to painful to get through and some days we just stay in it and refuse to move past it.  The best way to confront these issue is to deal with it, feel it acknowledge it and own it.

      We need to learn from it and take it as a lesson and a stepping stone to where we are suppose to be going, our path. A friend of mine just recently went through a  really bad breakup with a man she thought was it. He told her everything she wanted to hear. Except his actions did not show this in the end.  Everything was moving very quickly and she got vacuumed  in to the moment. The story ends that he used her and then left with out a trace.  She figure it out pretty quickly after being in this situation so many times before,  but it still hurt. She needs to figure out why she finds herself here again and again and again. Is it who she is attracting? Is she not ready for the real thing? Does she feel she is undeserving?  These are questions I told her to ask herself. So I ask you to stay with it a bit, learn from it and then  move forward.

     Ever hear the saying "fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me"?. I Use this now and asked  her to also. Easier said then done I know, but its true and everyday I am learning to implement this and I hope you try also. This advice is not just for romance but  for everyday living also. Yes we want to be open and positive and trusting but we do have to look out for untrustworthy people and try to figure out why we invited them in to begin with. Love and respect yourself and others will also and as far as the others, well their just  not invited anymore.


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